Persuasive Technology 2016 is happy to host a tutorial on April 4, 2016 (registration fee: € 190). 

All Day

April 4, 2016

9.00 to 17.00

Center for HCI

Aaron Marcus – Mobile Persuasion Design

The one-day tutorial/workshop summarizes key concepts of user-centered design (UCD) for mobile experiences, then focuses on mobile persuasion design, with detailed discussion of ten case studies, each for a unique user community and content/context, with questions/discussions after each Machine case-study presentation. The complete Machine case studies are the Green Machine, the Health Machine, the Money Machine, the Story Machine, the Travel Machine, the Innovation Machine, The Learning Machine, the Driving Machine, the Happiness Machine, and the Marriage Machine. These presentations will depend on time available, but will conclude with the Happiness Machine. Participants will engage in brief hands-on exercise of mobile persuasion design for the Happiness Machine for a particular culture, context, and community. In addition to the lectures and short exercise, participants will receive other documents and publications that will help them put theory into practice after the tutorial/workshop.

This tutorial/workshop is based on and related to Mr. Marcus’ latest book Mobile Persuasion Design (2015), published by Springer UK. The book contains the most complete case studies of each of the ten Machine projects ever published. Participants may be entitled to a special discount on purchase of the book.