Wednesday, April 6, 2016, 15.20 – 16.30

Thursday, April 7, 2016, 10.35 – 11.00


Enhancing Persuasive systems Design’s productivity: towards a Domain-Specific Language for persuasion strategies
Saad Abdessettar, Mickaël Gardoni and Bessam Abdulrazak

Using Regulatory Focus Theory for a Mobile Device Renovation Application
Jean-Baptiste Corrégé, Céline Clavel, Julien Christophe and Mehdi Ammi

Technologies for Self-Improvement: The Right Communication Between Product and User
Sarah Diefenbach, Jasmin Niess and Barbara Mehner

Ambient Light Guiding System to Improve the Motility and Mobility of Elderly People
Isabella Hämmerle, Walter Ritter and Guido Kempter

Increasing Acceptance of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems by Making Use of Driver Profiles
Hanneke Hooft van Huysduynen, Jacques Terken and Berry Eggen

StreamingBandit: A Platform for Developing Adaptive Persuasive Systems
Maurits Kaptein and Jules Kruijswijk

Long Term Use of Smart Health Devices for Supporting Healthy Living. Early Findings from the Lotus Study
Jochen Meyer, Jochen Schnauber and Wilko Heuten

Unmasking Player Types: On Exploring the Persuasive Potential of Specific Game Elements for Social Groups in the Context of Mobility Choices
Alexandra Millonig, Konstantin Mitgutsch, Maximilian Leodolter, Josef Froschauer and Wolfgang Ponweiser

Motivating Healthy Water Intake through Prompting, Historical Information, and Implicit Feedback
Davide Neves, Donovan Costa, Marcio Oliveira, Ruben Jardim, Ruben Gouveia and Evangelos Karapanos

The Impact of Cultural Differences on the Persuasiveness of Influence Strategies
Rita Orji

Persuasive Cities: Health Behavior Change at Scale
Agnis Stibe

Dynamic, context-aware behavior change support: combining distributed reasoning and central processing
Arlette Van Wissen, Annerieke Heuvelink, Cliff J.R.H. Laschet and Charlotte Vinkers

Plank Challenge with NAO: Using a Robot to Persuade Humans to Exercise Longer
Johannes Vollmer, Patrick Schuster and Manuel Giuliani