Wednesday, April 6, 2016, 15.20 – 16.30

Thursday, April 7, 2016, 10.35 – 11.00


Mobile Persuasive Apps for Changing Passengers’ Attitudes towards Aviation Safety
Luca Chittaro, Cynthia L. Corbett, G.A. McLean, Nicola Zangrando

Dorsal Haptic Sensory Augmentation: Fostering Drivers awareness of their surroundings with a haptic car seat
Thomas Grah, Felix Epp, Alexander Meschtscherjakov, and Manfred Tscheligi

The Appeal of Chance for Behavior Change: “Social Anxiety Challenge”, Location-Based Gameful Application for Social Anxiety
Valentina Rao

Bon Voyage – a persuasive multimodal collectible card game
Kathrin Röderer, Alexandra Millonig, Josef Froschauer, Michael Heiml