Paper Sessions

Session 1 – Individual Differences

Wednesday, April 6, 2016, 10.00 – 11.00


Tailoring Web Pages for Persuasion on Prevention Topics: Message Framing, Color Priming and Gender
Luca Chittaro

Supporting Users in Setting Effective Goals in Activity Tracking
Katja Herrmanny, Jürgen Ziegler, Aysegül Dogangün

Persuasive and Culture-aware Feedback Acquisition
Malik Almaliki, Raian Ali


Session 2 – Theoretical Reflections

Wednesday, April 6, 201611.30 – 12.45


Crowd-Designed Motivation: Combining Personality and the Transtheoretical Model
Roelof De Vries, Khiet Truong, Vanessa Evers

The EDIE method – towards an approach to collaboration-based persuasive design
Sandra Burri Gram-Hansen

Persuasive Backfiring: When Behavior Change Interventions Trigger Unintended Negative Outcomes
Agnis Stibe, Brian Cugelman

Captology and Technology Appropriation: Unintended Use as a Source for Designing Persuasive Technologies
Alina Krischkowsky, Bernhard Maurer, Manfred Tscheligi


Session 3 – Prevention & Motivation

Wednesday, April 6, 2016, 14.00 – 15.20


Self-Reflection and Mindfulness States: Designing Mobile Tools for Cultivating Curiosity and Decentering Situated in Everyday Life
Ralph Vacca, Christopher Hoadley

Alcohol Behaviour Change: Lessons Learned from User Reviews of iTunes Apps
Omar Mubin, Abdullah Al Mahmud, Muhammad Ashad Kabir

Persuasive strategies to improve driving behaviour of elderly drivers by a feedback approach
Perrine Ruer, Charles Gouin-Vallerand, Evelyne F. Vallières

Creating Awareness of Sleep-Wake Hours by Gamification
Ayse Ezgi Ilhan, Bahar Sener, Hüseyin Hacıhabiboğlu


Session 4 – Models & Methods

Wednesday, April 6, 201616.30 – 18.05


Cicero: Middleware for Developing Persuasive Mobile Applications
Antonello D’Aloia, Matteo Lelli, Duckki Lee, Sumi Helal, Paolo Bellavista

Formalization of Computational Human Behavior Models for Contextual Persuasive Technology
Tylar Murray, Eric Hekler, Donna Spruijt-Metz, Daniel Rivera, Andrew Raij

The Persuasive Potential Questionnaire (PPQ): Challenges, Drawbacks, and Lessons Learned
Alexander Meschtscherjakov, Magdalena Gärtner, Alexander Mirnig, Christina Rödel, Manfred Tscheligi

Persuasive Practices: Learning from Home Security Advisory Services
Mateusz Dolata, Tino Comes, Birgit Schenk, Gerhard Schwabe

Persuasive Patterns in Q&A Social Networks
Ifeoma Adaji, Julita Vassileva


Session 5 – Games & Gamification

Thursday, April 7, 20169.00 – 10.35


Utilizing a Digital Game as a Mediatory Artifact for Social Persuasion to Prevent Speeding
Bernhard Maurer, Magdalena Gärtner, Martin Wuchse, Alexander Meschtscherjakov, Manfred Tscheligi

Smile Catcher: Can Game Design Lead To Positive Social Interactions?
Niaja Farve, Pattie Maes

More than Sex: The Role of Femininity and Masculinity in the Design of Personalized Persuasive Games
Marc Busch, Elke Mattheiss, Michaela Reisinger, Rita Orji, Peter Fröhlich, Manfred Tscheligi

A Gamified Solution to Brief Interventions for Nightlife Well-Being
Luciano Gamberini, Anna Spagnolli, Giovanni De Giuli, Massimo Nucci, Chiara Villa, Valeria Monarca, Alessandro Privitera, Luca Zamboni, Stephane Leclerq

Long-Term Effects of Computerized Simulations in Protracted Conflicts: The Case of Global Conflicts
Ronit Kampf

Session 6 – Interventions for Behavior Change

Thursday, April 7, 201611.00 – 12.20


Understanding changes in the motivation of stroke patients undergoing rehabilitation in hospital
Michelle Pickrell, Bert Bongers, Elise van den Hoven

Developing a Virtual Coach for Chronic Patients: A User Study on the Impact of Similarity, Familiarity and Realism
Arlette van Wissen, Charlotte Vinkers, Aart van Halteren

Improving Adherence in Automated e-Coaching
Robbert Jan Beun, Willem-Paul Brinkman, Siska Fitrianie, Fiemke Griffioen-Both, Corine Horsch, Jaap Lancee, Sandor Spruit

Online Peer Groups as a Persuasive Tool to Combat Digital Addiction
Amen Alrobai, John McAlaney, Keith Phalp, Raian Ali


Session 7 – Design Strategies & Techniques

Thursday, April 7, 201613.30 – 15.10


Red Radiators versus Red Tulips: The Influence of Context on the Interpretation and Effectiveness of Color-based Ambient Persuasive Technology
Shengnan Lu, jaap Ham, Cees Midden

Investigating Politeness Strategies and their Persuasiveness for a Robotic Elderly Assistant
Stephan Hammer, Birgit Lugrin, Sergey Bogomolov, Kathrin Janowski, Elisabeth André

RightOnTime: The Role of Timing and Unobtrusiveness in Behavior Change Support Systems
Piiastiina Tikka, Harri Oinas-Kukkonen

Persuasive Information Security: Techniques to Help Employees Protect Organizational Information Security
Marc Busch, Sameer Patil, Georg Regal, Christina Hochleitner, Manfred Tscheligi

Lock Up the Lighter: Experience Prototyping of a Lively Reflective Design for Smoking Habit Control
Chow Kenny